Choreography of Embodied, Platform-invariant Motion Primitives

darpa_yfa_2designing an embodied, platform- invariant notion of “movement” and execution strategies for a suite of movement platforms, allowing nontechnical users to easily prescribe the behavior of a robot in scenarios like remote bomb disposal and collaborative robots in manufacturing. Sponsored by DARPA .






ASPIRE: Automation Supporting Prolonged Independent Residence for the Elderly

developing supervisory controllers for the timing coordination and motion profile specification of a heterogeneous team of cooperative robots that can effectively and safely aid elderly and alternately abled populations with everyday activities.  Sponsored by NSF.








two arms

Data-driven Design of Movement and Sound

studying correspondences in movement and sound in humans in order to glean strategies for sonifications that will supplement robotic movement to increase the perceived level of movement variation. Sponsored by UVA DSI.







Core-initiated Movement Strategies for Expressive Gait Inspired from Bartenieff Fundamentalsshapeimage_2-16

Developing a novel bi-pedal walking platform
for a greater display of variation in gait styles.  Sponsored by NSF.













Past Projects.

Methodologies for Real,Time Diagnostics and Prognostics and For Cyber-Security in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Simulator InterfaceWorked toward defining task redundancy for collaborative robotic systems, conducted multiple industry site visits.  Sponsored by NIST.











Dual-arm Robot Advantages

shapeimage_2-2Modeled heterogeneous teams on factory floors and completed a use case for industry-university advanced manufacturing consortium.  Sponsored by CCAM.











Quantitative Arts at UVA: Embodied Technology and Electronic Identty Atelier

shapeimage_2-28Worked with UVA Dance Program to produce a hands-on, interdisciplinary seminar that developed a live artistic performance supported by an engineered system.  Sponsored by The Jefferson Trust.