MOCO 2020.


Thank you so much for joining me.
Please follow my directions and we’ll both have lots of fun!

To participate in an online version of “Babyface” a Practice Work presented at MOCO 2020 and, optionally, contribute to a crowd-sourced performance we are developing, follow the instructions here.

  1. Find a mirror (full-length if possible) and create an open space in front of that mirror where you can stand and move comfortably (roughly 3’x3′).
  2. Set up a laptop where you can hear the audio and see the video of the performance (embedded below during MOCO 2020).
  3. Set up your cell phone where it can record both you and the image of the performer in the mirror (see diagram below).
  4. Begin recording on your cell phone.
  5. Play the video embedded below and, facing the mirror yourself, follow along with the audio prompts.
  6. Upload the recording from your cell phone to this Dropbox folder: